Shopping and stores

Halmstad offers a large mix of stores where most a located in one of the larger areas Halmstad city, Stenalyckan/Eurostop or Flygstaden.

The city stores are accessible by foot from most of the hotels, while the areas of Stenalyckan/Eurostop and Flygstaden are situated just outside of the city center and are visited the easiest by car or bus.
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Halmstad City

Halmstad city center is a mix of stores, restaurants, cafés and markets. Here you'll find the general swedish chains and the proximity to the rest of what the city center has to offer makes it an enviroment you'll want to spend your time in.

Coming by car the easiest is to park in any of the garages surrounding the city center or by Lilla Torg square, since the streets in the most central parts are off limits to cars.


The shoppingarea Stenalyckan, with the shoppingcenter Eurostop, is situated just outside of Halmstad near the E6 highway. Large amounts of parking and the close proximity to Laholmsvägen and the E6 makes it a very easy visit by car.

If using the buss to get here one should note that the stores in the area that is not located in the shoppingcenter are pretty spread out and that you'll may have walk alot.


Next to the airport you'll find the shoppingarea Flygstaden, which is the smallest area in Halmstad. Located here is several stores with electronics, pet products, furnishing and convenience stores.

There's alot of parking just next to the stores and even by foot you'll not have to walk to far between them.