Activities and attractions

Halmstad and its surrounding areas have several activites and attraction for people of all ages to discover. Like most swedish beachtowns the ocean and the beaches are what attracts most people during the summer months, among which Tylösand and Östra Stranden are the large attractions.

Halmstad has a lot to offer even during the rest of the year. A large selection of restaurants, the cinema, the theatre and the night clubs help make the autumn evenings a bit more festive.
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Galgberget is a recreational area near the city center of Halmstad. The area is full of trails, playground and an outdoor gym.

Perfect for a walk or run with several trails of different lengths.

Hallandsgården open-air museum

Hallandsgården is situated on Galgberget and has some old beautiful buildings for you to discover. During the summer there's also a café in one of the buildings.

Halmstad Arena Bad

An indoor bath in Halmstad with swimming pool, slides, trampolines, jacuzzi and sauna.

Halmstad Arena Skatepark

A skatepark near Halmstad Arena where you can ride your skateboard, inlines, BMX or scooter.

Halmstad Äventyrsland

Halmstad Äventyrsland is an amusement park with waterslides, carousels and shows for the kids. You can also grab something to eat at the restaurant Wild West Steakhouse.

Open during the summer months.

Halmstad Theatre

Halmstad Theatre is located at Österskans just across the Österbro bridge from the city center. The theatre has plays and concerts playing year-round.

Halmstad Wake Park

Try out wakeboarding in Grötvik, situated between Halmstad city center and Tylösand.

Heagårds Skafferi

At Heagård you have the opportunity to enjoy a meal at the restaurant, buy a snack at the café or just do some shopping at the interior design store.

Mjellby Art Museum

Art museum located just a short distance outside of Halmstad with a permanent exhibition on Halmstadgruppen (The Halmstad Group), a famous swedish group of artists. During the year there's also other exhibitions for shorter durations.

Olofstorp Farm

Visit the animals and enjoy the nature at Olofstorp. The area has several paths for a relaxing walk, or stop and use a barbecue site. In one of the buildings there's also a café if you're looking for something to eat.

Östra Stranden

Östra Stranden is a beach in Halmstad where the water is very shallow and therefore very appreciated by familys with young kids. Here you can find services like kiosks, toilets, playgrounds and barbecue sites.

Theres also an area with ramps for people with disabilities.

Prins Bertil trail

The Prins Bertil trail starts in the center of Halmstad and follows the coast to Tylösand and finally ends in Möllegård near the icecream café Riccardos.

Most of the trail has good accessability but there are some parts that are very rocky.

Röda Kvarn Cinema

Röda Kvarn is Halmstads only cinema and is situated in the city center at Lilla Torg square. The close proximity to all the restaurants makes a visit to the movies after your meal very easy.

Simstadion Brottet

A heated outdoor pool situated between Halmstad and Tylösand.

During the summer you can take a swim or enjoy a relaxing picnic on the grass surrounding the poolarea.


Tylösand is a beach close to Halmstad and the most famous of all the beaches around Halmstad. During hot summerdays the beach can fill up with a lot of people on the more popular areas of the beach.

There's a lot of services around the beach like restaurants, barbecue sites, toilets and kiosks.

World of Riccardo

Enjoy italian icecream out on the countryside at Riccardos in Möllegård. The café is situated at the end of the Prins Bertil trail which makes it a excellent stop after the long walk.